Haus im Rosengarten GmbH - familiäre Seniorenpflege



Personnel work is always successful when a network of industry experts supports and recommends each other with specialists. We therefore very much appreciate that the SANOsax.de recommendation concept makes this exchange easier for us. At the same time, with our presence in the Empfehlungsbund network, we are emerging as an attractive employer in the region.

M. Karsten Müller

Our house in the rose garden is an inpatient care facility, which was opened in September 2004. Centrally located in the east of Leipzig, with very good transport links and all shops for daily needs in the immediate vicinity, we offer 66 home places for people in need of care and old people. In addition to the cozy and leafy outdoor areas on our property, the large “Rabet” recreation park, which is directly adjacent to the house, invites you to take a walk and linger on one of the many benches.

Talents wanted and opportunities

In order to be able to support our residents and patients in their everyday life as best as possible, qualified nursing staff is the basis to be able to do justice to this responsible task. They can expect a varied workplace and a friendly team in a family-run nursing home. For our growth, we are always looking for qualified nurses, nursing assistants and caregivers. For all our employees, at least one language level for the German language at level B2 is required.

Locations of the Haus im Rosengarten GmbH - familiäre Seniorenpflege

The Haus im Rosengarten GmbH - familiäre Seniorenpflege posts open positions for jobs, internships and apprenticeships in 04315 Leipzig in Sachsen, 04315 Leipzig in Sachsen, 04509 Schönwölkau bei/in Nordsachsen in Sachsen, and 04808 Wurzen bei/in Leipzig in Sachsen.

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